Is it your passion?

I’m fortunate in that everyday I get to work with motivated  young athletes.  The one question that always comes to my mind is what drives that person to succeed?  All too often I see kids who “like” a sport, or want to play at a certain “level” because of what that brings in other areas (accolades, prestige, etc.).  What most people miss and what I feel is the most important ingredient in truly being successful is one thing: passion.  Pursuing a goal has to be something that you not only want, but more importantly something that you truly desire.  You have to have a burning passion, deep down inside you, to truly bring that out.  I hear a lot of kids say they want to be division 1 athletes; the question then becomes, what are they willing to do to have that chance…will you practice on a Friday night at 10 o’clock while your friends are going out?  Will you pass up fast food in place of something that may be a more healthy option?  Maybe you kind of want to do those things, but in order to actually do them you must have something inside you that makes you want to do it when no one else is around and the awards aren’t there.  I spend everyday in the weight room.  Kids don’t get awards for lifting weights and improving daily.  They get the satisfaction that what they’re doing is part of a bigger picture.  Getting stronger is a means to an end for these athletes.

What’s your passion?

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