3 Keys to Extreme Fat Loss

One of the most frequent requests I get from all of my trainees (regardless if they’re an athlete or not) is that want to get leaner.

Females want to achieve that toned look (which is very attainable), and males want to build muscle while get those ripped, shredded abs.

So what is the trick to it and what are you doing wrong?

Here are 3 of the most important factors in melting fat away and getting the body and results you’ve finally dreamed of…

1) Consistency – no matter what program, what nutritional approach, or where you do it, consistency is key.  I tell people all of the time that they are better off working out for less time, less often (in terms of frequency per week), and doing it for a longer period of time.  That’s right, that means you are actually going to have to work for it.  But here’s the thing, most people stay training longer, enjoy it more, and make more progress when they are consistent.  That means that you can resort to short 10-20 minute workouts if you need to as long as it is part of the big picture.

Recently, because of my hectic schedule, I started doing short 10-20 minute workouts myself.  Rather than bag my normal workout (which would take about 1hr 15min, I simply made sure that I wasn’t going to miss a lift (ie being consistent).  How were the results?  Better than even I had hoped.  The shorter workouts kept my energy up; I wasn’t as stressed about time and finishing quickly; I actually got leaner than when I was doing longer workouts!

2) Reduce Your number of Options – This goes for both food and workouts.  If you give yourself too many options you’re destined to fail.  Don’t believe me?  How many times have you gone to the refrigerator when you don’t know what you want to eat and spent 10 minutes going in circles only to choose something unhealthy?  I will be honest and say that it happens to me periodically.

So how do you succeed?  Give yourself just a couple options.  Have two meal options for each meal.  Rotate this for a given period of time (4-6 weeks?) and do the same for workouts.  Have a set workout routine that you follow no matter what.  Only change from this routine when you’re short on time or have a legit reason to change; during this time have a set workout that you will use to keep up your consistency if you’re short on time.

3) Keep Your Training Metabolic – In order to keep your training metabolic (metabolism up, ie burn more calories) you need to keep yourself moving.  That means that if you’re short on time you may have to sacrifice some weight on your lifts to keep yourself moving.  This was part of the key of my short duration (10-20 min) training sessions that I talked about above.

The same should be said for your conditioning.  Your “conditioning” days should be high enough intensity so that you can burn some calories.  Your typical “cardio” days of long slow distance (LSD) should be saved for days that you’re too sore or too stiff to do something of high intensity.

If you’re looking for a routine to keep your training metabolic even when short on time, try alternating lower and upper body movements with as little rest as possible.  Shoot for about 10 reps per movement and try to get as many rounds (sets) as possible in that amount of time.

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