North Conway, Addanasstomy, and coffee

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This past weekend my wife and I decided to take a Saturday drive up to North Conway, New Hampshire.  It was a nice day, it was warm (for this area of the country), and we figured it would be...
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The Latest in ACL Prevention?

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My wife received a postcard in the mail the other day from a new product which shall remain nameless.  This product and apparently the latest research and efforts in the battle against ACL prevention is: not innovative training or...
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If you’re a perfectionist, you must read

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I am perfectionist.  I try to tell people it’s my biggest asset and my greatest detriment at the same time.  I will keep this one short, I saw a great quote from my “Don’t Sweat The Small Things” daily...
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Leon Lett Fumble (Cowboys) and Don Bebe (Bills), the Duke basketball comeback in 2001, and Finishing

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For Leon Lett of the Dallas Cowboys Superbowl XXVII will always be remembered as the time he fumbled the football when he celebrated too soon:  For the Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball team,January, 2001 will forever be known...
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P90x, the best plyometric drills, and what really happens…

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One of the most frequent questions I answer, or movements that I get asked about are plyo’s:  what plyometrics actually are and how they are actually intended to be used.  I’m not going to knock P90x, because well, I’ve never...
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Overweight and Unhappy

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My wife and I were discussing the sad situation that the world, and maybe most importantly, the US is in right now.  I mean, it seems like nearly everyone is overweight, no obese, but overweight.  To add even more...
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Random thoughts on a Friday…Bigger, Stronger, Faster

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I just got done doing some interval bike training on one of my off days from lifting. During that time I was able to reflect on a few things with regards to training and training athletes: 1) When an...
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Do you want a better lacrosse shot?

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I have worked with multiple lacrosse players during the last few years. A few of them have been very good high school players and currently a couple are doing very well at the collegiate level. One of the often...
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Hard Work – Trapbar – 455 x 10

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So a few weeks ago I posted a comment about one of my athletes doing 365 x 25.  Well a week later I saw more greatness as he pulled off 405 for I think 15, and then a week...
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Training helps you throw harder? Part 1

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During an exciting weekend of staining the deck and grocery shopping I was able to find some time to do a little light reading.  As depressed as I was from realizing that my life is slowly becoming more and...
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