4 Minutes of Exercise Is Better Than Your Treadmill Runs – What You Should Be Doing For Cardio

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Put away your new $120 running shoes designed to help prevent you from over-pronating; stop trying to convince yourself that energy gels are needed for your ‘distance’ runs(it’s not that far); and get ready to watch re-runs of Mademen...
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3 Keys to Extreme Fat Loss

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One of the most frequent requests I get from all of my trainees (regardless if they’re an athlete or not) is that want to get leaner. Females want to achieve that toned look (which is very attainable), and males...
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What did you do today?

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If you’re in the northeast, you know what this time of year brings: cold weather, wind, and snow. Why would anyone want to leave this lovely climate for sun, beaches, and warm weather? *cough* I can’t imagine why. My...
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If you’re a coach you MUST read this.

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I just got done a brief training consultation with the Falmouth Boys Hockey Coach Adam Nicholas.  Adam has invited me in to help set-up and organize his off-ice training sessions.   One of the most important questions that I like...
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The Daily 64. You should be doing it too!

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So I realized the other day that perhaps the single bonding element between anyone and everyone is water.  While it’s not simply that everyone’s body’s are made up of it, but rather that everyone needs more of it.  If...
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This will make YOU better.

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“Successful people do what failures won’t.” – Tony Robbins I have done a lot of thinking lately in and out of the weight room. I’ve seen some kids that I’ve trained for a while “fall off,” while I’ve seen...
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Six Pack Abs!

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“Contrary to popular belief, there is no way to reduce only abdominal fat with abdominal training exercises. If you could, everyone who chewed bubble gum would have skinny faces.” – Kyle Brown, NSCA Performance Training Journal
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The Latest in ACL Prevention?

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My wife received a postcard in the mail the other day from a new product which shall remain nameless.  This product and apparently the latest research and efforts in the battle against ACL prevention is: not innovative training or...
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P90x, the best plyometric drills, and what really happens…

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One of the most frequent questions I answer, or movements that I get asked about are plyo’s:  what plyometrics actually are and how they are actually intended to be used.  I’m not going to knock P90x, because well, I’ve never...
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Training helps you throw harder? Part 1

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During an exciting weekend of staining the deck and grocery shopping I was able to find some time to do a little light reading.  As depressed as I was from realizing that my life is slowly becoming more and...
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