How Close Is Your Goal? Guide to Success

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I just got done a great interview/success session with a former athlete of mine.  She was interviewing me for a class of hers for college and wanted to know about success in business. As the interview evolved from 30...
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Is it your passion?

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I’m fortunate in that everyday I get to work with motivated  young athletes.  The one question that always comes to my mind is what drives that person to succeed?  All too often I see kids who “like” a sport,...
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Rules for Being Human

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As I sit here and watch us get hit with this lovely snowstorm, I have a few minutes to get up a quick blog post.  Just the other day my wife brought home a great piece titled “Rules for...
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It’s a snowy day here/Anthony Robbins

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If you’re up here in the northeast like I am,  you’re getting hammered with snow right now!  Apparently the wind is just beginning and gusts are supposed to pick up too.  If you’re like most people, you’re home today...
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Will you reach your goals?

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Being a former high school coach I’m a sucker for motivational videos, quotes, speeches and anything along those lines.  Here is a great video from an interview with Will Smith.  I’m sure some of you have seen it and...
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You have to watch this!

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“In almost all cases, the conditions you are waiting for will be significantly different next week or next year.  Don’t worry that the conditions have to be perfect.  The truth is, you are going to have to take that...
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4 of my pet peeves – are you doing them?

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There are a few things that I feel like I say repeatedly.  As much as I like hearing myself talk, I wish I didn’t have to say them over and over, but to be honest, sometimes I feel the...
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This will make YOU better.

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“Successful people do what failures won’t.” – Tony Robbins I have done a lot of thinking lately in and out of the weight room. I’ve seen some kids that I’ve trained for a while “fall off,” while I’ve seen...
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Brian Tracy – Goals; and the key to performance

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I love to read.  Back when I was in high school I wouldn’t have wanted to say that, nor would I have actually had to worry about saying that (I hated reading with a passion).  Somewhere around the end...
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North Conway, Addanasstomy, and coffee

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This past weekend my wife and I decided to take a Saturday drive up to North Conway, New Hampshire.  It was a nice day, it was warm (for this area of the country), and we figured it would be...
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