Improving Throwing Velocity – Part II, the exercises

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About 6 years ago I was in Florida with some friends on the beach.  Much to the excited of us (guys in their early 20’s), we were standing next to one of those punching bag machines.  Yes I said...
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If you’re a coach you MUST read this.

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I just got done a brief training consultation with the Falmouth Boys Hockey Coach Adam Nicholas.  Adam has invited me in to help set-up and organize his off-ice training sessions.   One of the most important questions that I like...
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What do Michael Jordan and skateboarding have in common?

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I had an interesting discussion this morning with a client of mine.  Now, I don’t train many “normal” people these days (whatever “normal” is supposed to be), but this woman was referred to me from an orthopedic, she’s in her...
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The Latest in ACL Prevention?

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My wife received a postcard in the mail the other day from a new product which shall remain nameless.  This product and apparently the latest research and efforts in the battle against ACL prevention is: not innovative training or...
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Random thoughts on a Friday…Bigger, Stronger, Faster

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I just got done doing some interval bike training on one of my off days from lifting. During that time I was able to reflect on a few things with regards to training and training athletes: 1) When an...
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4 of the Best Speed Drills -Get Faster!

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As a coach or parent of an athlete you’re often faced with limited time, limited space, and limited resources.  You may have 15-20+ athletes, a space of about 400SF, and no equipment.  Being faced with that type of situation,...
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Efficiency Part 2 – The use with 3 plyometric drills

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If you haven’t read/listened to part 1 about efficiency yet, please do so before listening to part 2.  In this clip I talk about the usage of 3 different drills, and depending on your goals, how they’re used.  Remember...
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New Research Article: “Strength Training in Endurance Runners”

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That was the title of a recent research article that I read. According to the International Journal of Sports Medicine, there was a recent study (looking at recreational runners) conducted by Taipale et al, which looked at 3 different...
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Efficiency in Athletics

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Athletes who have the opportunity with me will often hear me say the word “efficiency.” I’m sure by about the 4th or 5th time I say it they start to block me out like I’m a parent talking about...
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