Strength, The Missing Link To The Body YOU Want!

The first day that I met my wife I knew there was something special about her.  I’m not going to get all mushy on you and will spare the details of ‘guy talk’ back at the apartment, but the first time I saw her I knew she was worth pursuing.  The only problem with her?  She ran distance.  Now, before I get bombarded with hate emails from all of the endurance athletes out there, hear me out and understand that I still appreciate you as much as I love my wife.

The first few months that I was purusing my wife were crazy; we were both super busy with life.  She was working 2 jobs and going to school, and I was coaching, running my training business, and working on my masters (full-time).  We didn’t really see each other.  Because of our crazy hectic lifestyles, we were forced to keep our training to a bare minimum.  Anything that wasn’t needed was ousted and only the essential was left.

Around this time was when I started helping my wife with her workouts.  She had suffered a stress fracture (her second in a year) and the volume of running was thought to be part of it.  Sure she’d done a few machines before, and she did some various aerobic based training videos at home to stay in shape, but she’d never really embarked on a legitimate program.  That’s where I come in.

I immediately got her going on a solid strength program that helped support her goals: recovery, core strength, and a lean body.  At first, she did a lot of unilateral work (single arm and single leg) to help balance her stabilizers and keep her functioning.  We didn’t go light.  None of that pink weight for ridiculously high volume work.  Why not?  Because it doesn’t work.  We did most of the training in the 5-10 rep range with a typical volume of 2-3 sets (3 being most common).  In addition, we balance out the program with interval training, some additional core work, and magically she became immensely stronger (surprising Dr.’s on her newfound strength).

You want to know else happened?  She dropped body fat.  Now I’m  not going to get into numbers here, because that will do nothing but get me in trouble, but let’s just say it’s low.  Despite cutting her 7+ mile runs out of her training, and investing less time, she was actually becoming more lean.

So what if you’re a guy?  Maybe you want to lose weight and get a six pack?  Maybe you want to build muscle and gain weight?  Here should be your take-away point: strength is the foundation for all fitness goals.

By developing and keeping strength you maintain and develop muscle.  Muscle is the key to keeping your metabolism up and the key to having the body you want to have.

So why is it that men don’t look like women and women don’t look like men?  The first, and biggest reason, testosterone.  Testosterone is the key reason why men are able to build so much muscle and females are not.  So have no fear, a male and female on the same training program will end up wit different results.  In addition, I regularly change up the exercises and volume for the rest of the training program to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

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