It’s a snowy day here/Anthony Robbins

If you’re up here in the northeast like I am,  you’re getting hammered with snow right now!  Apparently the wind is just beginning and gusts are supposed to pick up too.  If you’re like most people, you’re home today chillin out and relaxin with either a day off from school or possibly a day off from work.  If that’s the case, great and enjoy!

I wanted to leave a quick little thought as we approach the new year; I hear from people all too many times that they are going to start something “On Monday,” or “next week,” or something kind of cliche like that.  I think it’s great that you’re going to start something, and making a decision a decision to do so is the first step.  However, I would rather see someone start this very moment.  If you’re thinking to yourself that today just isn’t good, or this week just isn’t good, I’m here to tell you that there’s never a good time!  Don’t believe me?  How many times have you said the same thing over and over only to make zero progress on it?  Want to start getting back in shape…was that last year you said that?  Or perhaps the last 10 years?

“Successful people do what failure’s won’t.” – Tony Robbins

Remember that quote next time you want to do something better than ordinary.  Normal people are just that, normal.  Normal people these days are overweight and out of shape.  Normal people start “next week” or “next year.”  What about if you started today or tomorrow?

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