Is running really making you better?

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People (coaches, athletes, other trainers) often try to pigeon hole you as a performance coach into absolute situations.  Take for example distance running…I’m not a huge fan of running distance, but I think there is a time and a...
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It bears Repeating

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“Repetition is the mother of implementation.” “Repetition is the mother of implementation.” I’m not even sure where I heard this quote, all I know is that I found that I had scribbled it down on a sheet of paper...
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Skeleton Bobsledding – Olympics 2014??

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Here is a link to an article published recently in a local newspaper.  As I stated in a previous post, Sherri works very hard and deserves all of the credit in the world, she has literally taken herself from...
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Congratulations to Sherri Emery…

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Congratulations to Sherri Emery who earned a Silver Medal in the Empire State Games for skeleton bobsledding.  Sherri has been working very hard off of the track to improve her starting speed and strength in hopes of making the...
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Conditioning Part II

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In part 1 I talked about some of the basic guidelines and parameters behind conditioning.  In part 2 we will get a little bit more in-depth and fine tune some of the guidelines that I talked about in part...
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Conditioning – Part II Update*

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Apparently we lost part II of our conditioning post; we’ve had more than a few website issues in the last few months.  I will do my best to get that along with part III up by middle of the...
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Falmouth Boys win Gold Ball in Boys basketball!

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Congratulations to the Falmouth Boys basketball on winning the state championship in Boys Class B basketball last Friday night.  Unfortunately, I missed the game as a bad source told me the game was on Saturday night instead.  When my...
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Conditioning – Part I

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With spring sports just around the corner kids are getting ready to leave the basketball court and ice arena behind and head out to the fields for spring sports.  For the few who choose wisely this will be a...
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Congratulations to Cheverus Boys Basketball!

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Congratulations to Indiana Faithfull, Louie DiStasio, Matt Cimino, and Cam Olson along with the rest of the Stags who won the Class A state championship last night in Portland.  Indi helped lead the charge by scoring 23 points.  Read...
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Stefano Mancini caps a great season with a gold ball!

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Congrats to Stef and the Falmouth Yatchsmen for winning the goldball last night.  It capped a dream season for him after having a stellar 4-year career.  Stef also won the Pierre Harnois trophy as the tournament MVP for class...
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