Two simple fixes for eating better starting today

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One of the biggest battles with young athletes these days is trying to get them to eat healthier.  Notice that I said healthier and not “healthy” because eating “healthy” is defined by someones standards.  Healthy means that you have...
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Improving Throwing Velocity – Part II, the exercises

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About 6 years ago I was in Florida with some friends on the beach.  Much to the excited of us (guys in their early 20’s), we were standing next to one of those punching bag machines.  Yes I said...
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Should Your Be Doing The Olympic Lifts?

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My recent viewings of the Crossfit games (yup I said it) on TV was a blow to my self-confidence.  After watching the clean ladder I was embarrased by my performance in the clean.  Feel me?  Sure I’m down in...
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Prevent Ankle Sprains – Exercises to Prevent Ankle Sprains – Part 1

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Been there, done that. In high school my ankles were so bad that one time I was walking through Walmart, stepped off of a wooden pallet that was holding dog food (the big 50lb bags), and blew out my...
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Avoid these 6 muscle building mistakes (MUST READ)

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John Berardi is one of the smartest nutrition people I know (he’s worked with athletes in every major professional sport: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL).  I got an email from him the other day with a link to this...
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Is it your passion?

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I’m fortunate in that everyday I get to work with motivated  young athletes.  The one question that always comes to my mind is what drives that person to succeed?  All too often I see kids who “like” a sport,...
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The number 1 rule to effective program design

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One of the most common questions that I get from parents, athletes, and coaches has to do with setting up a proper program.  Often people think it’s as simple as showing them the “magic” program which consists of the...
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Work on your CORE

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There is lots of debate about the core.  As a matter a fact, I hate the buzz word “core,” and often wish people would remember the concept of the “core.”  The core is designed to be a transmitter of...
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Does your warm-up look like this?

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I Hope not! I saw this video today and thought that the form so bad I needed to post it as a heads-up to people that while the turkish get-up is a great exercise–it should not look like this!...
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Will you reach your goals?

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Being a former high school coach I’m a sucker for motivational videos, quotes, speeches and anything along those lines.  Here is a great video from an interview with Will Smith.  I’m sure some of you have seen it and...
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