Should Your Be Doing The Olympic Lifts?

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My recent viewings of the Crossfit games (yup I said it) on TV was a blow to my self-confidence.  After watching the clean ladder I was embarrased by my performance in the clean.  Feel me?  Sure I’m down in...
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Prevent Ankle Sprains – Exercises to Prevent Ankle Sprains – Part 1

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Been there, done that. In high school my ankles were so bad that one time I was walking through Walmart, stepped off of a wooden pallet that was holding dog food (the big 50lb bags), and blew out my...
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Work on your CORE

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There is lots of debate about the core.  As a matter a fact, I hate the buzz word “core,” and often wish people would remember the concept of the “core.”  The core is designed to be a transmitter of...
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Does your warm-up look like this?

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I Hope not! I saw this video today and thought that the form so bad I needed to post it as a heads-up to people that while the turkish get-up is a great exercise–it should not look like this!...
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If you’re a coach you MUST read this.

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I just got done a brief training consultation with the Falmouth Boys Hockey Coach Adam Nicholas.  Adam has invited me in to help set-up and organize his off-ice training sessions.   One of the most important questions that I like...
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4 of my pet peeves – are you doing them?

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There are a few things that I feel like I say repeatedly.  As much as I like hearing myself talk, I wish I didn’t have to say them over and over, but to be honest, sometimes I feel the...
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What do Michael Jordan and skateboarding have in common?

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I had an interesting discussion this morning with a client of mine.  Now, I don’t train many “normal” people these days (whatever “normal” is supposed to be), but this woman was referred to me from an orthopedic, she’s in her...
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