3 Keys to Extreme Fat Loss

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One of the most frequent requests I get from all of my trainees (regardless if they’re an athlete or not) is that want to get leaner. Females want to achieve that toned look (which is very attainable), and males...
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Avoid these 6 muscle building mistakes (MUST READ)

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John Berardi is one of the smartest nutrition people I know (he’s worked with athletes in every major professional sport: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL).  I got an email from him the other day with a link to this...
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Check out my new article on the Boston Sports Medicine Group website

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If you’re a high school coach you should read my new article up on the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group website.  In the article I talk about how simply it can be to organize a training program for...
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Hard Work – Trapbar – 455 x 10

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So a few weeks ago I posted a comment about one of my athletes doing 365 x 25.  Well a week later I saw more greatness as he pulled off 405 for I think 15, and then a week...
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Hard work and the trapbar deadlift

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As a coach you understand that there are good days and bad days; some days athletes seem to work hard, some days they seem to perform well, and sometimes all of the stars align and they both perform well...
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