Two simple fixes for eating better starting today

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One of the biggest battles with young athletes these days is trying to get them to eat healthier.  Notice that I said healthier and not “healthy” because eating “healthy” is defined by someones standards.  Healthy means that you have...
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3 Keys to Extreme Fat Loss

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One of the most frequent requests I get from all of my trainees (regardless if they’re an athlete or not) is that want to get leaner. Females want to achieve that toned look (which is very attainable), and males...
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Avoid these 6 muscle building mistakes (MUST READ)

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John Berardi is one of the smartest nutrition people I know (he’s worked with athletes in every major professional sport: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL).  I got an email from him the other day with a link to this...
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The Daily 64. You should be doing it too!

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So I realized the other day that perhaps the single bonding element between anyone and everyone is water.  While it’s not simply that everyone’s body’s are made up of it, but rather that everyone needs more of it.  If...
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Six Pack Abs!

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“Contrary to popular belief, there is no way to reduce only abdominal fat with abdominal training exercises. If you could, everyone who chewed bubble gum would have skinny faces.” – Kyle Brown, NSCA Performance Training Journal
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