Should Basketball Players Lift Weights

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There’s there awful rumor going around that basketball players don’t need to lift weights.  Even worse, they think that lifting weights will make them big and bulky and destroy their Ray-Allen-esque jumpshot. Boo hoo. Believe it or not I’ve...
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Should Your Be Doing The Olympic Lifts?

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My recent viewings of the Crossfit games (yup I said it) on TV was a blow to my self-confidence.  After watching the clean ladder I was embarrased by my performance in the clean.  Feel me?  Sure I’m down in...
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What did you do today?

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If you’re in the northeast, you know what this time of year brings: cold weather, wind, and snow. Why would anyone want to leave this lovely climate for sun, beaches, and warm weather? *cough* I can’t imagine why. My...
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Check out my new article on the Boston Sports Medicine Group website

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If you’re a high school coach you should read my new article up on the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group website.  In the article I talk about how simply it can be to organize a training program for...
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If you’re a coach you MUST read this.

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I just got done a brief training consultation with the Falmouth Boys Hockey Coach Adam Nicholas.  Adam has invited me in to help set-up and organize his off-ice training sessions.   One of the most important questions that I like...
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The Latest in ACL Prevention?

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My wife received a postcard in the mail the other day from a new product which shall remain nameless.  This product and apparently the latest research and efforts in the battle against ACL prevention is: not innovative training or...
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Hard Work – Trapbar – 455 x 10

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So a few weeks ago I posted a comment about one of my athletes doing 365 x 25.  Well a week later I saw more greatness as he pulled off 405 for I think 15, and then a week...
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Training helps you throw harder? Part 1

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During an exciting weekend of staining the deck and grocery shopping I was able to find some time to do a little light reading.  As depressed as I was from realizing that my life is slowly becoming more and...
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New Research Article: “Strength Training in Endurance Runners”

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That was the title of a recent research article that I read. According to the International Journal of Sports Medicine, there was a recent study (looking at recreational runners) conducted by Taipale et al, which looked at 3 different...
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Hard work and the trapbar deadlift

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As a coach you understand that there are good days and bad days; some days athletes seem to work hard, some days they seem to perform well, and sometimes all of the stars align and they both perform well...
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