simplify your results

simplify your results

simplify your resultssimplify your resultssimplify your results

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Athlete Training


"Training with Shelby has allowed me to excel as an athlete and person.  Not only has it allowed me to play at the college level, but I'm a better teammate and leader." - Chase Gendron, Group Athlete

Individualized Circuit Training


"The attention to detail on exercise is top notch.  I always know that I'm going to be doing things in the safest and most effective manner for my limitations and restrictions." - Betsy Tod, Group Interval Client

Online Training and Consulting


"Shelby's results-oriented message is one that every person needs to hear.  His approach to health, fitness, and performance transcends age, gender, and goals." - John Brubaker, Small Group Client

GEt shelby trained

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